Cook & Run

Out : ??? 1 to 6 players / 10+ / 30-60min Designers : Ludovic Adam & Agnes Aasmaa

You’ve been dreaming of opening a restaurant with friends for years and the time has finally come! Are you going to open an elegant gourmet restaurant, a cozy café or a festive bistro? Are you going to focus your energy on pampering customers, helping your colleagues, decorating your establishment, paying your late bills or hiring apprentices to relieve you? You have a hell of a team, with complementary skills and a lot of motivation, but will you be able to cope with unexpected events and the wishes of a horde of hungry customers? What is certain is that the road to success will be strewn with pitfalls, so put on your best smile, customers are waiting for you!

Cook & Run is a collaborative restaurant management game, so reputation and money are in common. If the reputation drops to 0 at any time, the game is lost. At the end of the game, when all the cards have been drawn, if the mission objectives are achieved, the game is won.