Retail Vs Deluxe (1)


Dear friends,

A little news to tell you about the pickup in Brussels, the expeditions, and to show you some pictures of the game and the material, but also of our great beer !

Brussels pickup

Thanks again for this great distribution in Brussels, we had a great time welcoming you, and sharing a few minutes with you!

HOWEVER, there are still a few people missing:

26 people did not validate the Pledge Manager (Gamefound): if you are reading this news, contact us, so we can send you your game :) 9 people had declared to come to the pickup in Brussels (with a schedule to pick up the game) and finally did not come. 27 people who had chosen to pick up their game in Brussels in the Pledge Manager did not show up, neither at the pickup nor by making an appointment afterwards. For the last two cases, the withdrawal by appointment at Cowmic ends this Saturday, June 12th at 6pm! Send us a mail quick:


Europe / rest of the world: Meeple Logistics has received the boxes, shipping should start within 2 weeks (mid-June). We’ll let you know as soon as it starts.

US / Canada: Grand Gamers Guild is ready to receive, we are waiting for news from the ship (I don’t bring anything up, it’s very complicated with containers right now…) ! The continuation very soon.

A few pictures of the game

In the end of this text.


Those who came to the Brussels games were able to discover (and taste) our beer The Belgian Beers Race, brewed by the Brasserie de la Mule! It is a light blond beer (6%), with a very small bitterness, but quite refreshing. We call it a “thirst beer” here :D

We are very happy to offer you to buy them by rack of 24, at the price of 40€, plus shipping (via Mondial Relay) and handling, for a total of :

46€ for a delivery in Belgium 53€ for delivery in France 52€ for delivery in the Netherlands 46€ for a delivery in Luxembourg If you want to order one or more racks, please send us an email on

There are not many left, first come, first served!

That’s it for today, we’ll keep you posted for the start of the shipments!

Cheers 🍻