Game designer : Anthony Toffolo - Illustrator : Armand Glop - Graphic Designer : Hervine 8+ / 10min / 3 to 6 players / BGG soon Release: 30th September 2022

In Battle Fries, you have to dip your fries in sauces and try to eat as many as possible. Mayo, Ketchup or special sauce, the choice is yours, but make sur you’re the only one to dip your fries in a sauce, or risk getting stuck in it! The player who has eaten the best fries wins the game.

Material :

  • 3 rulesbooks (French - English - Netherlands),
  • 54 Fries Cards (9 per player),
  • 12 Sauce Cards,
  • 30 Graillon Cards.

The summary of the rules:

Try to get the tastiest fries! Be the only one to dip your fries in a sauce, otherwise you might get stuck in it!

In Battle Fries, players each have a hand of 9 Fries cards. During each round, players choose a card secretly, then after a countdown, simultaneously choose a Sauce to send their Fries into. If a player is alone in a Sauce, he gets back his own played Fries card, as well as any Fries cards stuck in that Sauce during the previous rounds, or a Graillon, which also brings victory points. If more than one player chooses the same Sauce, they either be stuck in it, or lose the Fries card played.

Among their 9 cards, players have a Fricadelle card: played in a Sauce, it will clear the other Fries played in that Sauce in the same turn. But, if 2+ Fricadelles meet in the same Sauce, then they are lost, and the Fries recover the advantage.

Finally, the powers of the special Sauces are resolved: each game, the Mayo and Ketchup sauces, as well as 1 or 2 special sauces, are available. Each special sauce brings a particular effect to the player who is alone in it during a turn.

Once all 9 Fries cards have been played, each player counts all the points on the Fries and Graillon, and the winner is the one who has most!

Battle Fries is a fast-learned and fast-played game, that you can play with family and friends at the aperitif, just before eating delicious Belgian Fries and Sauces. Bon appétit!

Distribution :

  • FR - Belgium/France/Switzerland/Quebec -> Pixie Games
  • EN - [BYR Games](/en/contact/)__
  • NL - Belgium / Netherlands -> [BYR Games](/en/contact/)__
  • FR/NL/EN - Fries & non-specialized shops -> BYR Games


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