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BYR Games officially saw the light in January 2020.

After meeting different publishing houses for the creation of his first board game, Cowmic - Michaël Boutriaux, the author of The Belgian Beers Race, decided to found his own publishing company in order to respect his line of conduct (authenticity of the project , material quality, minimum plastic, ecological footprint…). It is for this reason that self-publishing and the formation of a team around it has therefore become the best way to ensure a production that is faithful to its ethics, its expectations and a fair selling price. He surrounded himself with friends who, like him, are driven by a passion for board games:

  • Cédric Gheenens (high school teacher);
  • Stéphane Hemberg (manager of Dédale game store and manager of King Clothing); BYR Games was born …

The team has grown following TBBR’s Kickstarter campaign and it is none other than the community manager who joined the team: Ben Ochier.

Following the departure of Vanessa Parent for lack of time to devote to the project, it was Etienne Espreman who came to strengthen the team with his experience as a publisher with our friends at Geek Attitude Games.

The very young BYR Games publishing company wants to be creative and ambitious. If The Belgian Beers Race is her first product, she plans to target the international market right away. In keeping with the times, it takes care of its environmental impact by promoting European production. The values of BYR Games are: providing high quality, minimizing its ecological impact, human adventure before profit, respect for women and the rejection of all forms of intolerance and racism.

No doubt, here is a team that will make noise in the world of gaming and beer!


Benjamin Ochier


Michaël Boutriaux


Stéphane Hemberg


Cédric Gheenens


Etienne Espreman


Bières Bieren

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