Armand will illustrate Sauce Qui Peut / Battle Fries


As the storm rumbled over the city, a siren howled in the night. A flash of light illuminated the entire sky. Lightning had just struck the European Parliament in Brussels. Little Willems was born at exactly that time. It is not his story that we are going to tell you today, but that of Armand who one day decided to draw stuff. And to this day, legend has it that he still goes on… and draws fries.

So we recruited him to illustrate “Sauce Qui Peut!“. And while we’re at it, we might as well tell you, it will now be called “Battle Fries”. No beer label yet, but the BYR Games team is working on it… Stay tuned.

Want to discover his work: Armand Plop And soon, we will be able to reveal the first illustrations to you… patience young Padawan of the fry!!!