The breweries booklet : contest


Did you know… The central double page of the brewery booklet acts as a passport to indicate which breweries you have visited and also when you have tasted their beers. You can therefore have a brewery stamp affixed to it or have it signed by a brewer or an employee.

Ammo and Cowmic challenged themselves to tour the 40 breweries and have already started by visiting the 6 Brussels breweries. What about you? Can you complete the tour of these before them?

What if we spiced things up … The first person to send us photos of their fully completed brewery booklet for the tours along with a photo of each brewery will win a mega prize … which we will keep a secret but we promise it will be great!

So take your booklet and drive to get it completed. As a reminder, some breweries do not have a taperoom, cannot be visited, or even inaccessible. No problem, have your presence certified by another means (in the bar opposite for example) and above all, take a photo on the spot (in front of the establishment for example). No photo, no price :)

From time to time Ammo and Cowmic will post an update on the progress of their journey via our social media.

Because The Belgian Beers Race also aims to highlight the Belgian brewing heritage, how can we better thank the breweries of the game than by visiting them!?!