The Belgian Beers Race Dice

Release: Octobre 6 2023 14 + / 45 min / 1 to 4 players Game Designer: Cowmic Boutriaux Illustrator: Ammo

A short version of the board game based on a dice principle. You will roll the dice and then use them to indicate the progress of your game on your board. It’s no longer time that is used but kilometers. However, you still use the 3 modes of transportation: hitchhiking, biking, and public transport. You can still buy and enjoy beers when passing by the breweries. But this time, your goal will be to complete 3 missions during your journey and then return to Brussels. Easier to access and faster, but still just as proud of our breweries.


  • 12 dice
  • 1 pad of 100 game sheets
  • 30 Common Objective cards
  • 16 Personal Objective cards
  • 4 rulebooks (FR, NL, EN, DE)
  • 6 Cheese tokens
  • 6 Disc tokens
  • 14 Cheese cards
  • 1 Breweries booklet
  • 1 First Player bottle token
  • A double extension for The Belgian Beers Race board game

Summary of the rules: (Coming soon)

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